The team at Dawson Lawyers understands the importance of effective and efficient cash flow mechanisms in your business, our comprehensive debt recovery and credit management service allows you to run your business in a cost effective manner, thereby leaving time for you to focus on your business, instead of chasing debts owed to you. 

Our extensive range of services can save your business money in the long run, we can ensure that appropriate credit agreements and terms of trade are entered into with your customers to ensure that you are paid in a timely manner.

If a debt is owed to your business, we can help explain the whole legal process to you, as well as act for you in:

  1. Preparing a Letter of Demand;
  2. Preparing a Statement of Claim;
  3. Entering into Judgment in Court’
  4. Garnishing the debtor’s wages;
  5. Seizing the debtor’s property to sell;
  6. Claim Interest on the Debt; and
  7. Commence Bankruptcy proceedings against your debtor.