Care and Protection matters involve the Secretary for the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) removing children from the care of their parents for a number of reasons. 

These matters are often called "care matters" and are heard in the Children's Court of New South Wales. In the Illawarra the Children's Court occurs at Port Kembla Local Court and Nowra Local Court. 

There are designated dates each month when these matters are listed before the Children's Magistrate at certain Courts. 

Our care and protection solicitors understand that these matters are delicate and client's are often emotional and angry having had their children removed from their care. 

It is not only parents who can be party to a care matter, often concerned relatives or individuals willing to care for the children on a short or long term basis become parties to the proceedings. There is also a solicitor (sometimes two) who are appointed as the legal representatives for the children. These solicitors play an important role in assisting the Court to determine what Orders are in the best interest of the children involved.

If you are involved in care proceedings, or you are a family member willing to care for a child, please contact our solicitors to have an obligation free discussion.