Many individuals are at a loss when someone owes them money and refuses to pay. The team at Dawson Lawyers can inform you of your rights under the law and assist you with recovering the monies owed to you. We can assist you with:

  1. Formally demanding the funds;
  2. Commencing Proceedings in Court;
  3. Applying for Judgment in Court;
  4. Appearing on your behalf if the claim is defended; and
  5. Enforcing the Court’s Judgment.

Likewise, if you are being pursued for monies which you believe is unwarranted; the team at Dawson Lawyers can assist you with negotiating terms of settlement and/or defending your claim in court.

The team at Dawson Lawyers are focused on protecting your rights in an efficient and cost effective way; we believe that court action should be reserved as the last resort in any matter. We therefore will strive to resolve your matter in a timely and proficient manner, saving you the time, money and hassle of going to court.